Saturday, July 4, 2015

Announcement: Summer Hiatus


Dear Valued Readers,

I'm taking a hiatus through the coming month for the purpose of working on a board game that I'm hoping to crowdfund later this year.  I've been following recent boardgame trends since the whole KickStarter craze began a few years back, and I've come up with several ideas for games that I think would sell very well.  However, I can never quite seem to find the time to set anything down on paper.  This summer, I hope to change that.

In the mean time, I hope that you'll keep this site in your bookmark roster.  I'll be back to my daily post schedule in August.

If you start to miss me, try visiting my snarky Twitter feed, or my other Blogspot blog, The Great Geek Manual, both of which I've loaded down with enough of my own unique brand of wit and wisdom to last through the month.

Yours Truly,

Admin, The Geek Art Gallery

Fan Art Round-Up: Captain America

Captain America by Dustin Weaver

Captain America Fan Art Gallery

This weekend, we here in the United States will be celebrating the Fourth of July, which makes it a perfect time to feature Captain America in another Fan Art Round-Up Friday!  He's a hot property since the Avengers franchise hit the silver screen, and rightly so.  He's been one of Marvel's best written characters for decades.  I've always thought that the costume was a little unfortunate, but the movies are helping work out that kink as well.

As usual, if you know of any good pieces we overlooked, don't be shy about dropping a link in the comments below!

Fan Art Round-Up: Captain America

Captain America by Johnson Ting

Captain America Fan Art Gallery

It's the Fourth of July here in the United States, which means it's time to celebrate what makes Merica so great - explosions excessive amounts of food, and super heroes!  Who better to feature on this most patriotic of holidays than Captain America?  His popularity sort of explodes about this time of year anyway, so it wasn't hard to find some great art featuring his face.  Check it out below!

As usual, if you know of any good pieces we overlooked, don't be shy about dropping a link in the comments!  ... also, don't forget to check out Part Two of our gallery!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Quick Pic: Biloxi Junior High Lockers

Lockers become books at Biloxi Junior High

Biloxi Junior High Lockers
Source: WLOX via Mental Floss

School hallways can be grim places, but a group of teachers at Biloxi Junior High School found a way to lighten the mood. They’ve turned the 8th grade English hallway into an “Avenue of Literature” by transforming 189 unused lockers into the spines of books! This seems like the best possible thing that could ever happen to a locker. One question though: if you paint them to look like C.S. Lewis books, will the lockers become doorways to Narnia?

Sweets: Super Mario / Nightmare Cake

Super Mario Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-Up

Just when you'd thought that literally every permutation of the Super Mario Bros. cake had been made, The Little Cherry Cake Company comes along and shakes things up!
"So this amazing bride and groom loved both Nightmare Before Christmas and Mario and didnt know which to choose. Why choose when you can have both!?! I love it when a couple just gives me free reign with design and lets me run with crazy ideas haha.

Mario and Peach as Jack and Sally, Oogie Boogie as Yoshi, Lock, Shock and Barrel as Shy Guys and some spooky Mario characters – Boo Ghosts, Dry Bones and dark Piranha plants.   The mario landscape even features spiral hill around the back and the brides favourite – Zero."

Sweets: Harry Potter Pancakes

Harry Potter Pancakes by Nathan Shields of Saipancakes

Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is back! Watch him as he creates various pancakes shaped like the characters from the Harry Potter saga!

Sweets: House Stark Cake

"Birthday Cake The Girlfriend Made" (House Stark Cake)
Photographed by Unluckie

I've always said that cakes in my house are a lot like the Stark family.  They get cut up a whole lot sooner than you'd expect, and the pieces all end up missing before you know it.

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