Monday, September 29, 2014

Music Video: Batman Evolution

Tracks available for purchase from the artist's website.

The Piano Guys perform a powerful rendition of Batman television series and movie theme songs from the past fifty years in their recent music video, “Batman Evolution.” They even threw in some of the iconic vehicles that Batman used in the TV shows and films.
"Holy hemiola, Batman! 50 years of music and film all rolled together in front of the cars that have become icons of super hero history. This is one of those projects we’ve wanted to do from the very beginning of The Piano Guys. We love super heroes, the dramatic music that has brought them to life, and the vivid films that have made them legends. We used piano, cello, handheld cameras, a radio controlled helicopter, and some scrappy special effect techniques in the most creative ways possible to emulate the three epic eras of one of the greatest super heroes ever created: BATMAN!"

Music Video: Game of Thrones Western Cover

The adaptability of the Game of Thrones theme song, composed by Ramin Djawadi, has been proven by the internet, but this arrangement by Benedikt Mendzigal we discovered on Reddit takes the cake.  If Tarantino had adapted George R.R. Martin's series into a western about factions of claim jumpers, this would have been theme song for sure.

Video: Hertzfeldt Couch Gag

Couch Gag from "Clown In The Dumps" of The Simpsons

The Simpsons travel into a bizarre future drawn by animator Don Hertzfeldt in the couch gag from the recent episode “Clown in the Dumps.”
"Academy Award-nominated animator/filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt answers the question of what it would look like if THE SIMPSONS went far, far into the future!"

Video: Nikola Tesla Dood

“Nikola Tesla Dood” is an animated music video by Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal that praises inventor and electrical pioneer Nikola Tesla. The music video was made as a promotion for the ongoing effort to build a Nikola Tesla museum — which was initially launched in 2012 by The Oatmeal.

Video: 8-Bit The Matrix

The Matrix was an instant cult classic upon its release in the late 1990s.  If only it been released just a few years earlier there would doubtlessly be countless console adaptations of the action film.  Thankfully, CineFix let's us imagine what that might  have looked like on the Nintendo or Sega.

Video: HISHE does Spider-Man 2

Video: Everything Wrong With Fight Club

"Many of you have been asking for this for a while, so... hope you're happy. Because a whole bunch of other people are going to be sad now. But I digress... Like most movies, even Fight Club has some sins. We thought we'd list them for you."

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