Monday, April 27, 2015

Comic Round-Up: April 27, 2015

All-New All-Different Avengers Assemble!

Event: Here’s a giant interactive map of 200 comics events around the world.

Event:  Where to meet the cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks on the road in 2015.

Interview: Bastien Viv├Ęs, Michael Sanlaville and Balak discuss their fantasy/fighting series Last Man in an article that includes an exclusive cover reveal.

Interview: Brothers Joe and Fred Bills talk about balancing comic and game sales at their shop, Escape Hatch Books.

Interview: Teen Boat creators Dave Roman and John Green reveal plans for the sequel, The Race for Boatlantis

Link Round-Up: April 27, 2015

Brienne of Tarth

"Brienne of Tarth" by Sydney, Australia-based Tara Phillips

The Dilemmas of Maker Culture: Thinking through the consequences of the proliferation of powerful tools and technologies

Entertainment Weekly takes a crack at a unifying theory for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Infographic: A Guide To Picking The Right Typeface For Your Next Project

Jeff VanderMeer talks about the relationship between dystopian fiction and dystopian reality.

The New Yorker calls Gene Wolfe "Sci-Fi’s Difficult Genius" and Michael Moorcock "The Anti-Tolkien" in a pair of really excellent profiles.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Comic Round-Up: April 24, 2015

90s X-Men Animated by Blake Henriksen

"90’s X-Men Animated" by Blake Henriksen (Pinkhavok)
"This piece is my homage to the 90’s Animated X-Men cartoon, one of my favorite 90’s cartoons and easily one of the most influential towards me as an artist. I absolutely love that it was heavily influenced by Jim Lee’s designs, something that was so important to me as a kid since I was getting into comics during his legendary run on the comic book series. He’s always been one of my artistic idols and it’s great to have the chance to put my own spin on his work."

Interview: Afghan political cartoonist Habib Rahman Habib talks about his work.

Interview: Dominic Umile writes about pre-Code horror comics 

Interview: Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses superheroes, comics vs. movies, and why he reads Marvel comics but not DC.

News: Cartoonist Roz Chast is one of six recipients of this year’s Heinz Awards, which recognize “exceptional Americans, for their creativity and determination in finding solutions to critical issues.” The honor comes with an $250,000 cash prize. 

News: A Spider-Man Animated Movie Will Hit Theaters In 2018

Reviews: Matt Delhauer on Archie Vs. Predator #1.

Link Round-Up: April 24, 2015

These Aren’t The Droids We’re Looking For By Pablo Bustos

6 Insane (but Convincing) Game of Thrones Fan Theories

Artist Cal Lane uses an industrial plasma-cutter (called a "blowtorch" in the links) to convert salvaged metal into lacy and delicate sculptures.

Game of Thrones: Is Dothraki the new Klingon?

Red Son Superman and Flashpoint Batman action figures now available

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gallery: Anti-theft Signs

Source: Imgur via Reddit

The last one hits a little to close to home for me.

Humor: Love

Link Round-Up: April 23, 2015

Ghost in the Shell by Chris Ehnot

"Ghost in the Shell" by Chris Ehnot (Cehnot)
Colors by David Delanty

The folks over at Apartment Therapy had some fun with the Blogadilla Swedish Furniture Name Generator, putting in the names of a bunch of characters from Game of Thrones.

If you’re looking for ways to up your pen-and-paper RPG cred, and you just so happen to have a 3D printer around, you need to check out Miguel Zavala’s free Dungeons and Dragons 3D printer designs. They’re all based on the drawings and pictures shown in the Monster Manual, for that extra bit of authenticity.

Insight Editions has created an amazing film prop replica of the ferocious Monster Book of Monsters that was first seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It is currently available to pre-order online from Sideshow Collectibles and expected to ship between June and August 2015.

A Scientific Guide to the Fantastical Predators in Game of Thrones

This "If R2-D2 Quotes Were Motivational Posters" post makes me wish I worked for Buzzfeed because someone actually got paid to make these.

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