Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sweets: Smaug Cake

"Last year, my sister in law surprised me with a Les Mis/Phantom cake, this year, I’ve been surprised with a Hobbit cake!  The Smaug is made with cereal and everything was edible but I refuse to eat the dragon and Bilbo.  I loved this cake!"

Sweets: Smaug Cake

"So my mum made me this AMAZING Smaug cake for my birthday! CRAZY!"

Sweets: Smaug Cake

Smaug cake by Angela Bermudez

"Very proud to learn the art of baking. This is my first cake made of fondant, inspired on the epic story of The Hobbit. Smaug sleeping peaceful into the huge dwarfs's treasure... also I made the Arkenstone near his face. Smaug is made of cake too, not only fondant!"

Sweets: Smaug Cake

"Smaug Cake" by Australia-based Holly (Whisk-us-away)
"This is a cake of Smaug from the Hobbit, made before the movie came out.

It's modelled off of Weta Workshops' Bronze Smaug sculpture

The base of the cake is covered in fondant, but smaug is made of rice krispy treats covered in modelling chocolate and painted with gel food colours. The wings have food safe wire framing in them (I tried to do it without the wire.. it was way beyond me.)"

Sweets: Star Trek Gingerbread Cookies


Sculpture: Judge Dredd Penguin

Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin by Daniel Balmforth & Steve Scholz
Prints available for purchase from BlindMouseToys. US$40

Designed by Daniel Balmforth & Steve Scholz and sculpted and painted by fan favorite sculptor Joe Amaro, this is a must have for any Judge Dredd fan.

Sculpture: Calvin and Hobbes

My favorite comic moment captured in Apoxie Sculpt. Sadly, this piece isn't for sale.
"Sculpting comic strip characters is very very hard! This piece is based off the cover of one of the Calvin and Hobbes books, though many changes needed to be made for 3D."

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