Friday, October 9, 2015

Humor: But is it Art?

"But is it Art?" by John McNamee of Pie Comic

Link Round-Up: October 9, 2015

Captain Phasma with Darth Pug by MJ Hiblen

"Captain Phasma with Darth Pug" by MJ Hiblen

Cthulhu Monopoly and Cthulhu Yahtzee Put Your Soul On The Line.

Fractal font is here to vibrate your brain.

Imaginary Airships is now a subReddit. Great for steampunk fans!

The Map of Literature. Martin Vargic, creator of the Map of the Internet 1.0, has created an insanely detailed "National Geographic" map of Literature, where "Jurassic Park is located between 1984 and Clear and Present Danger on the continent of Thrillers, a stone's throw away from H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds." appears to be an internet art installation, with themes of connectedness and impermanence.   Chrome only, and requires sound. Even so, worth it.

Philip Pullman on How drawing helped me to see the world differently.

Stephen Hawking demonstrates Relativity for National Poetry Day.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Video: Exploration

"Exploration" is one of the best entries in the CineSpace short film being held by NASA.  It's basically a movie trailer showcasing NASA's scientific legacy.

Speaking to Lens Distortion, Thompson discussed his motivations for creating the film:
"When I think of NASA, as I’m sure is the case with most people, I immediately jump to the space race and man landing on the moon. I think of pride and ambition and wanted to celebrate that in this short, so that was my starting point. I came up with several ideas which I still like and will hopefully use in the future as my own shorts. These were more narrative and sci-fi based, but my mind kept going to a sort of compilation/documentary summation style – shots jumping back and forth between time, between archive footage, between people and space."

Short Film: Strange Alloy

"Strange Alloy" is an animated short film in which a space dragon and its companion study and hope to learn from the ruins of a long-lost human civilization.  In it, a young alien child exploring ruins a long time after the collapse of humanity, while articulating his thoughts about it.   The place is disquietingly empty, but beautiful in its return to nature. Yet the creature wonders what could have caused humanity’s disappearance.

The film is based on images shot in Myanmar, and took two and a half months to produce.
"Strange alloy is my second self produced short film. It's based on images I shot during my trip to Myanmar in december 2014 and the production took 2 month and a half at Supamonks Studio in Paris. Feel free to contact me for any enquiry."

Short Film: Fibs

"FIBS" Written and Directed by James Sharpe
"FIBS is a story set in a nowhere town on the Bristol coast, in that strange time between school finishing and your parents coming home, and is the tale of Naomi, a teenage girl lost in a fantasy, who will say anything to try and win back her older ex-boyfriend."

Food Art: Jack Skellington Latte

Jack Skellington Latte

Jack Skellington Latte Art by Japan-based Yuuichi Ito
Source: RocketNews24 via Mitsueki

Ito is serves his hot cups of art at Belcorno, an Italian restaurant located in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.  They're each capped with a sculpted piece of foam.

Food Art: Nightmare Before XMas Latte

Nightmare Before Christmas Latte Art

This scrolled across my Tumblr dash this morning.  I feel like this woman should be working at a gallery rather than a coffee shop.

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