Saturday, March 28, 2015

Illustration: Marvel Character

Valentines has a Behance account filled with amazing Marvel fan art.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Video: Moonwatch

"Moonwatch" is a quirky "what if" of a science fiction comedy.  Here's a look back to an alternative 90's - a 90's in which we had something as awesomely bizarre as BAYWATCH in space.
"If there's water on the moon, there must be lifeguards, right?"

Video: Wolverine at the Office

Let's face it, there aren't a whole lot of jobs that having knives in your hands qualifies you for.
"Wolverine gets an office job. He's no good."

Quick Pic: R2-D2 Refrigerator

R2-D2 Refrigerator

They dressed it up like R2, then ripped off the legs so he can't go anywhere.

Short Film: Robert's Circle

Chris Hanratty offers this single-shot thriller featuring Alex House from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.
"Bobby's in trouble. It's big this time. Unsure where to turn, he instinctively runs to his sister's house. Thrown into a situation she doesn't fully comprehend, his sister must decide if she should help her little brother once again."

Lego Creation: Amortug


When Marco den Besten sets out to build a Lego castle, he doesn't mess around.  He's dubbed this one "Armortug," and it took nearly four months to complete.  In addition to its towers and walls, you might find a small blue box tucked into the landscape.
"Amortug is being ruled by The Tartan family for two centuries now. Two hundred years ago the great Or Tartan, who was a general than, overthrew the old steward who was gathering treasure just for himself. He also invaded clan lands several times and was provoking the Elves constantly by mining underneath there outposts. This made Or decide it was enough. He cut of the stewards hands and feet. Than he hung him in the middle of the gate while wearing lots of jewelry. The steward died from hunger while hanging there, like lots of Amortug's citizens did because of him. He died while staring to himself in the reflections of the diamonds and when his last breath came out he said he'll be claiming his treasure some day. Because of what he said Or also slaughtered his whole family by burning the old citadel to prevent them from taking Amortug back again some day...

Since than Amortug is know for being one of the best fortified cities with it's high walls, fortified gates and large citadel. Or was able to make a treaty with the Elves to restore some balance, while this guys will never get a long. And he made peace with the clan lands. Most of his daughters even married clan leader's sons. So that explains why most of Amortug's inhabitants aren't recognized as being dwarves. But the dwarf blood and spirit is still running through the vanes of Amortug's inhabitants!

This is the display at it's largest, build on 4 by 6 48x48 baseplates. The whole rim on the right side(4 by 1 48x48) was build by Tijgersan for our exhibition at Legoworld Copenhagen:"

Lego Creation: Record Turntable

"The Planet"
Lego Record Turntable by Korea-based Hayarobi
Photography by What Hi-Fi

"The Planet" is a fully functional built entirely out of LEGO bricks - 2,405 pieces to be exact. Run on a LEGO Power Functions M-Motor and powered by a LEGO Power Functions Battery Box, the only component of the device not made out of LEGO is the Audio Technica phono cartridge.  This was recently exhibited at the 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition along with a matching LEGO tube amp and cases for the speakers.

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