Saturday, April 23, 2016

Video: Paper Game of Thrones Intro

The recognizable opening of Game of Thrones just got a makeover, as Moleskine commemorates the premiere of the sixth season with their own version of the riveting title sequence. Westeros comes to life as a paper version of King’s Landing is recreated with more than 7,600 individual paper cutouts, complete with turning cogs and gears. Delicate turrets and spires magically start to move until the fortress retreats, leaving you with a peek of the new Game of Thrones Limited Edition Collection notebooks from Moleskine.
"A collection of four themed notebooks with previously unreleased silkscreen prints by graphic designer Levente Szabò. Each cover features symbolic references to the three dominant families – Stark, Lannister and Targaryen."

Video: Game of Thrones 360° Opening Titles

Incredible Game of Thrones Opening Title in 360° Video

Video: Game of Codes

The JavaZone community-driven conference based in Oslo, Norway created this winning video that seamlessly blends the worlds of programming and Game of Thrones. Running against a series of other amazing videos that garnered 100,000 votes altogether, the dramatic, pun-filled video, titled "Game of Codes," shut down the competition with its stunning re-imagination of the HBO hit TV series.

Crafts: Cross-Stitch Map of Westeros

Cross Stitched Map of Westeros with House Sigils by RandomlyGenerated

Cross-stitch kit available for purchase from Etsy.  US$31.11

Sketch: Hand Drawn Westeros Map

Hand Drawn Westeros Map by dvg94

Drawn in Lord of the Rings Style
Source: Reddit

This needs to be a print.

Mash-Up: Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons: Fantastic Digital Illustration of Daenerys Targaryen with Pokemon Crossover by Wizyakuza

"Mother of Dragon 2" by Philippines-based Ceasar Ian Muyuela (Wizyakuza)
A Game of Thrones / Pokemon Crossover

Hodor, I choose you!

Mash-Up: Game of Thrones / Adventure Time

Awesome Game of Thrones / Adventure Time Artwork of Jon Snow and Ghost by TheNewsAtBen

Finn Snow and Dire Wolf Jake by of Gavin of Pencil Pirates
A Game of Thrones / Adventure Time Mash-Up
Source: Imgur

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